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Hospitality Program

Hospitality Program



14 years of experience
Director's Message

Gopal International Is a Govt. Approved company registered under Punjab Travel Professionals
Regulation Act Valid Till 2023.

Gopal International was established in 2008 and has still providing professional services to aspiring student’s migrants and job seeker named after late Gopal Singh Chahal veteran Army man.
GOPAL INTERNATIONAL CAREER & SERVICES is the one stop solution for all your international study and migration needs. The core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. GICS provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and has a professional command over the education system worldwide.

We believe that with every single student admission in the college,undoubtedly college has a moral responsibility to provide them with future job placements,that will advance their career.We are aware that students are always scared thinking about their placements & future, in such a scenario we take the responsibility to minimise the anxiety of students and reduce extra work load of college in placing them.

Many a times Hospitality internships are underrated and students ignore the importance of internships & many a times students are not aware about these opportunities waiting for them abroad.However,one good hospitality internship programme can change their career path and provide them with excellent job opportunities.

I hope you will give us a chance to deeply associate with your college and give us an opportunity to serve your college with our best services.Looking forward for the long-term relationship with your college to cater the student’s needs for abroad Hospitality Internship.


How GICS will work with College

  • We will enter into professional agreements with the college for hospitality internship placements of students, at top hotel properties around the world.
  • After student’s admission in the college, we will give detailed orientation to students in the first year of their college about hospitality internship opportunities abroad.
  • Following this,we will segregate students on the basis of their financial capacities, professional skills, & interest areas.Accordingly we will suggest them the future possibilities & prospect of hospitality internship abroad.
  • While college placement efforts are usually in line with course and student interests,our efforts will be to make students understand their area of interest,through one to one career counselling session about hospitality internship opportunities abroad.
  • At the end of their college studies,with our guidance,students will be mentally prepared for the hospitality internship abroad and will be familiar with the company’s operations and process for placements
  • We will assist students with scheduling job interview with the employer,and will help in understanding the visa requirements along with preparing the visa application.Then the placement efforts will successfully go along with students interests.

Why your College should associate with us

  • We are working since last 14 years and treat each and every college as special and unique.We give 100% assistance with placements,which can change a student’s career towards a positive direction.
  • We will provide professional services customised according to college needs.This will greatly reduce the college responsibility,involve less resource from college required for college placements,and will not be much of a headache for the college.
  • We will take full responsibility for hospitality internship placement abroad as we chase the vision of colleges and students & not their money.
  • Our services are reliable,affordable and will save college time,effort & money in successfully placing students for hospitality internships abroad for a better & secure career.
  • We will deliver quality services under strict guidelines and maintain transparency,which is our key to client satisfaction.Hospitality Students and colleges are the source of our motivation
  • We will assist your students to select the most suitable internship based on their personal interests and academic achievements,so that they can confidently continue & pursue their internships with success.
  • We have a team of experts having expertise in the immigration procedures,who can assist your college placement team in guiding students at each and every step of the entire immigration process for hospitality internships abroad,so that college can focus on the future education of students.

Addressing challenges faced by Hospitality Colleges is our responsibility

The job scenario today is facing great competition from all fields and employment into good leading hotels is becoming a difficult task.Despite lot of opportunities available,vast number of students graduating from hotel management colleges is always looking for hospitality internships abroad.
Finding the best placement for candidates is always a challenging and time consuming process for the hotel management colleges.

Our Objective

Our main objective will be to:
  • To assist hotel management colleges in placing their students for hospitality internships abroad & in developing their career interests, through individual counselling and group sessions.
  • To act as a link between students, college and Hospitality internships abroad & assist college & students in obtaining internship placement in reputed & leading international hotels.
  • Reach out to college students in large numbers,studying in different hotel management colleges about various international internship programme available.
  • Identify the needs and expectations of the colleges and assist them in placing their suitable students successfully for Hospitality internship abroad.
  • To provide resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process.